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Welcome to Lakshmi Jewellery - Kodungallur : N.Paravoor : Chalakudy TV ADVERTISEMENT
Lakshmi is unique from many other jewellery stores by offering beautiful new modern collections.

Our contemporary jewellery collections offer styles for all memorable occasions and personalities. Our goal is to provide quality craftsmanship, affordable prices and the highest integrity to our clients in a friendly environment. We specialise in creating unique jewell collections that inspires. If you have a desire to get noticed and stand out then wear a piece of elegant styled jewel ornaments. Our wide selection includes Necklaces, Chains, Ear Rings, Bracelets, Rings, and Cuff Links for the our customers.

Any one prefer traditional or modern designer jewell selections?

This is more than of a personal fashion statement, but equally important in the total decision making process. Many might also prefer unique hand crafted artistic pieces fashioned by our gold smiths. To compliment our range of traditional white designs, we also offer a variety of ... a woodgrain conservatory is ideal for anybody looking to create something ... Our modern day jewel designs are more striking than their traditionally made counterparts. ... Jewel  like bevels were always the domain of the master glazier.